Hardware purchasing can be deceptive. It seems like anyone can walk into Best Buy, or go onto Amazon, and just buy whatever looks good. But if you don’t know what you’re getting, and you don’t know what you need, then computer purchasing can be a minefield. But do you know what you’re getting? Is it too little computer? Or too much? Did you spend extra on memory, when the task you’re using it for really requires a better graphics card, instead? Is the model you’re buying at the end of its cycle, or at the start? You don’t have to know, because we do.

If you buy more computer than you need for the job, you’re throwing away money on hardware. If you buy less computer than you need, then you’re throwing away money on manpower, while your employees spend their valuable time waiting for a computer to catch up, rather than doing their job. System G works with you to understand precisely how the computers will be used in your business, and helps design a spec sheet for what will serve you: processor, memory, hard drives, graphics cards, peripherals, and more. Then we help you find the best bang for your buck in the computer marketplace. We also handle networking, remote access, and security.